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Small Appliances

Morning Kitchen List below are some small appliances that are inexpensive and will make your Chinese cooking easier.

Frying Strainer
Used for deep-frying foods, the best frying strainers are made from wire mesh. Choose a strainer with long bamboo handles which won't conduct heat and will be easier to use.

Wide-Blade Spatula
This tool is helpful when stir frying and scooping up food. Its long handle helps keep you farther away from cooking heat.

Ladle or Scoop
This dual-purpose tool is used for removing food from the wok. The ladle or scoop can also be used to impress your friends, allowing you to mix sauces right over the wok. Of course, this technique takes practice, so be sure to rehearse before performing in front of an audience!

Long Wooden Chopsticks (Tongs)
Useful for picking up and moving fried food from the hot oil or steamed food from the steamers. Here again, the wood will not get hot, making them easy to work with.

Steamer with Lid
This fundamental tool is designed to fit inside the wok, and can be used one at a time or stacked one on top of another. You may line the steamer with cheesecloth and place food on top of it for cooking, or simply place the steamer onto plates when serving. The steamer should sit approximately one inch above the boiling water inside the wok, and the water should be replaced as it evaporates during cooking. When cleaning the steamer, be sure to avoid using detergent -- the bamboo will absorb the flavor of the soap, so instead simply rinse with water.

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