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Happy New Year 4697!

Is Y2K really here? No, it is the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rabbit which begins on February 16, 1999. Rabbit symbolizes generosity, kindness, quick wit and the ability to make peace.

4697 New Year Recipes

Challenge your cooking skills by indulging in a weekend of New Year's Recipes! The suggested categories are: Fish, Pork, Beef, Vegetables, Soup and Dessert. Let's see what are on the table? Don't forget to email your friends the recipes!

Main Dish
  • Red-cooked Fish (Hong Shao Yu)
    Fish is a must during Chinese New Year. "Yu", fish, has the same pronunciation as "Yu", plenty! Thus, the proverb "Nian Nian Yo Yu", have plenty year after year, becomes a tradition to leave this course unfinished. So have a guess as to what is "year after year" in Mandarin? That's right, Nian Nian is the answer.
  • White-Boiled Pork with Mashed Garlic
    Pork in this dish is light without flavor. However, by pouring over a special blend of secret sauce, this dish suddenly becomes a heavenly combination.
  • Double Cooked Pork
    And double the salary?
  • Beef And Bean Curd Clay Pot
    Bring out that special clay pot to celebrate your New Year.
  • Four Treasured Vegetables.
Dessert and Appetizer

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