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1998 Taipei Chinese Food Festival

Part II: Photo Gallery

Composed Dishes Picture

The photo gallery here shows most dishes exhibited in the food festival. We have managed to get ingredients for most dishes though recipes are top secrets of those wonderful chefs. Please check them out:

  1. Abalone in Eyes Shape
  2. Abalone and Fruit Salad in Fan Shape
  3. Aloes with XO Sauce
  4. The Asparagus with Crab Claws
  5. Bamboo Pith Heralds Peace
  6. Bamboo Pith with Shrimp
  7. Bamboo Shoot and Tofu in Shape of Buddha's Hands
  8. Chi-lin Presents Auspiciousness
  9. Chicken Legs in Calabash Shape
  10. Combination Cold Dish in Dragon & Phoenix Shape
  11. Combination Cold Dish in Rooster Shape
  12. Crab Shell Stuffed with Egg Whites
  13. Crab Spawns Rolls
  14. Curl Tailed Prawn Dumplings
  15. Deep Fried Durian
  16. Deep Fried Bamboo Worms with Peanuts
  17. Deep Fried Chicken with Fruit Sauce in Coin Shape
  18. Dragon King of East Sea
  19. Ever Green Dumplings
  20. Ever Green Shrimp Dumplings
  21. Fish Rolls with Bamboo Shoot
  22. Four Colored Dumplings
  23. Fried Crab Claws and Garoupa rolls
  24. Good Luck Garoupa Rolls
  25. The Green Lotus
  26. The Lucky Dish
  27. Mouse Gets Married
  28. Pearl Abalone and Mushroom
  29. Rolled Garoupa Tied with Thin Noodles
  30. Shark's Fin Shaped in Brush Shape
  31. Spareribs Roasted with Oolong Tea
  32. Steamed Colorful Scallops
  33. Steamed Crab Legs with Yam
  34. Steamed Fish Rolls
  35. Steamed Frog Fat with Chinese Caterpillar Fungus
  36. Steamed Rainbow Prawn
  37. Steamed Stuffed Golden Crab Shell
  38. Stewed Shake's Fin with Lily Bulbs
  39. Stuffed Loquats
  40. Superior Bamboo Pith
  41. Sweet Potato in Guitar Shape
  42. The Joyful Mind
  43. Three Colored Rolls
  44. Three Colored Rolls II
  45. Winter Melon roll with Abalone
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